Eye-safe Rangefinder Module

Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder Module

ES LRF-20/M is an eye-safe, long distance erbium glass laser rangefinder module.

It measures distances up to 20 km and is designed to perform under demanding environmental conditions. Its rigid construction and high quality craftsmanship follows the highest of military standards.

Technical Characteristics

Laser rangefinder
Range80 m to 20000 m
Accuracy± 5 m
Blocked range80 m to 5000 m
Targets2+1 blocked
Wavelength1540 nm
Energy≤ 8 mJ
Beam divergence≤ 1 mrad
Measuring frequencyOne burst per minute, 20 pulse @ 1 Hz
ConnectionRS 232 / RS 422
Chassis connectorSouriau 85107A12-10P50
Operating temperature-30°C - +50°C
Power supply20-30 VDC
Power consumption< 2,5 A
Rectification scope
Optical zoom1,5X – 4,5X
Field of view at 1000 m22,3 m @1,5X / 7,7 m @ 4,5X
Exit pupil17 mm @1,5X / 7 mm @ 4,5X
Eye relief(4/102) mm
Click value7mm @ 100 m
Adjustment range1,7 m @ 100m
Weight267 g
Length268 mm

3D View - Eye-safe Rangefinder Module ES LRF-20/M