Forward Observation Unit

FOU-GRS- Forward Observation Unit

FOU-GRS-2 is a system consisting of multiple observation and measuring devices used for acquiring all necessary parameters for gun rectification on the battlefield. Combining topographic measurements, based on the position of the device and target, with meteorological parameters produced by the onboard weather station, the device calculates necessary data.

Technical Characteristics

GPS horizontal position accuracy2 m
GPS vertical position accuracy4 m
Daytime channelOptical with reticle
Diopter adjustment± 5 dptr
Digital magnetic compassNorth accuracy 0,45° (8 mils)
DisplayDigital TFT LCD, 3.5˝
Angle measuring accuracy≤ 1 mils
Horizontal angle measuring range 0-6400 mils
Vertical angle measuring range± 500 mils
Weather stationMS-3/D1
Time before first measuring< 40s
Data transferRS 232
Meteorological data transferRS 485
Transmission interval1 s or 100 ms

3D View - Forward Observation Unit FOU-3