Laser Target Designator

Laser Target Designator for AK-47

OCL-V/N is a laser designator designed as an attachment for the AK-47 automatic-rifle, enabling fast and precise aiming. It features two versions, V and N, depending on if it works in the visible or invisible spectrum.

The device can be mounted onto the rifle using a standard pikatinny rail.

Technical Characteristics

Supply voltagelithium batteries 3V, CR123
Power consumption< 60 mA
Light source wavelength650 nm visible / 850 nm invisible
Laser output< 5 mW
Horizontal/ vertical adjustment± 1 m at 100 m
Laser beam divergence1 mrad (Ø100 mm at 100 m)
Visibility in night conditionsvisible: > 200 m /invisible: > 400 m
Waterproof2 m
Weight with battery and mount290 g
Operating temperature-20°C to -55°C
Montagepicatinny rail (MIL-STD 1913)

3D View - Laser Target Designator OCL-V/N