Multisensor Observation Unit

MIP-1 is an optoelectronic device designed for real time observation and measuring. The multi sensor head includes both a thermal camera and a daytime camera, providing full time coverage during day, night and in conditions of low visibility.

Using the inbuilt laser rangefinder, the device ensures that the user has the ability to acquire precise positional data of the selected target at any given moment. The azimuth and elevation of the sensor head are controlled via remote using a pan-tilt device.

Technical Characteristics

Laser typeEye-safe 
Laser wavelength1540 nm
Laser energy≤ 8 mJ
Laser beam divergence≤ 1 mrad
Distance measuring range80-5200 m
Distance measuring accuracy± 5 m
Measured distance displayfor 2 targets
Measured distance frequency≥ 6 measuring/min
Thermal camera
Thermal cameraDRI
Thermal camera detector typeUncooled, Vox
Thermal camera resolution800x600 pixel
Thermal camera digital zoom2X, 4X
Thermal camera optical zoom1-6X
Other characteristics
Data transferRS 232 
Daytime camera optical zoom30X
Daytime camera digital zoom16X
Digital magnetic compassNorth accuracy 0,45° (8 mils)
Compass measuring frequency20  measuring/s
GPS measuring frequency1-5/s
Horizontal angle measuring accuracy0,05°
Vertical angle measuring  accuracy0,05°
Positioning speed0,001°-30°/s

3D View - Multisensor Observation Unit - MIP-1