Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles - binocular

NVG-14B is a stereoscopic device designed to provide better visualization in low light environments. The device consists of two independent 3rd generation image enhancers. Using an adjustment mechanism it is possible to set up the device according to the users eye position, providing a natural fit for ease of use.

Technical Characteristics

Type3rd generation
Angular field of view40° ± 2°
Focus range0,25 m - ∞
Diopter adjustment± 4 dptr
Resolution lp/mm57 – 64
Supply voltage3 V
Auto off under 40 LuxYES
Low battery indicatorYES
IR-ON indicatorYES
Active period without IR illuminator40 h
Active period with IR illuminator20 h
Output pupil diameter20 mm
Output pupil relief25 mm
Weight680 g
Operating resource10000 h
Operating temperature range-20°C - +55°C

3D View - Night Vision Goggles NVG-14B