Night Vision Monocular

Night Vision monokular MNP-15

MNP-15 is a single tube night vision monocular. It utilizes high performance image intensifier tubes that have an integrated power supply, provide automatic brightness control and are auto-gated, preventing tube damage from overexposure.

The device has an inbuilt infrared LED used for illumination in low light conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Field of view40°
Focus range0,25 m - ∞
Diopter adjustment± 4 dptr
Input voltage1.5 VDC
Battery type1AA or CR123
Voltage polarization protectionYES
IR operation indicatorYES
Low battery indicatorYES
Electric switchOFF – ON – IR
Operating temperature-20°C - +55°C
Storage temperature-40°C - +70°C
Immersion1 m for 30 min
Shock/recoil resistance500G
Luminous sensitivity at 2856K500 – 750 µA/lm
Limiting resolution57 lp/mm
Signal to noise ratio18-23
Luminance, gain at 2x10-6 fcd35000-50000
Luminous sensitivity at 2856K1500 – 2000 µA/lm
Limiting resolution64 lp/mm
Signal to noise ratio19-28
Luminance, gain at 2x10-6 fcd40000-70000
FOM1600 – 2016
Luminous sensitivity at 2856K700-800 µA/lm
Limiting resolution55-72 lp/mm
Signal to noise ratio25-28
Luminance, gain at 2x10-6 fcd30000-55000

3D View - Night Vision Monocular MNP-15