Vehicle Intercom System

cross-communication system device

UMK-19 is a system designed for cross-communication between crew members, operating from within vehicles or positions with high noise levels.

Communication is established using a special analog interface connecting superior and subordinate command levels, enabling a direct link for tactical radios and other wireless devices.

The system consists of a central control unit, which controls the entire communication network, and crew units, enabling each member to connect with the commander.

Technical Characteristics

Digital interface
Transfer typeDuplex
Interface typeRS 485
Transfer speed64 kb/s
Transfer signal typeAnalogue audio, Commands
Output signal level± 5 V
Input sensitivity± 0,5 V
Headset interface
Microphone impedance1600 Ω
Input signalMax. 15-100 mV
Headset impedance150  Ω
Output signalMax. 80 mW
Command PTT0-5V, TTL, active low
Microphone polarization10 VDC
Exploitation conditions
Power supply9-36 VDC
Control unit power consumption6 W
Control unit dimensions220x120x70 mm
Control unit weight4,0 kg
Crew unit dimensions120x120x70 mm
Crew unit weight1,5 kg
Operating temperature range-25°C to +55°C

3D View - Vehicle Intercom System - UMK-19